Cardio Premixes

Cardio Premixes

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Cardio Premixes
  • 2_Cardio & Floor Finisher

    Need a quick workout? This is 18 minutes of cardio and floor work requires no equipment a very little time. *Also great as an add-on to your Weight or Cardio workout.

  • Build & Burn---Cardio---No-Strength

    Many cardio workouts infuse intense strength moves on the floor to create a more grueling experience. This quick cardio routine keeps you up and on your feet for an uplifting and effective cardio session.

  • Build & Burn---Cardio---No Big Jumps

    This 20-minute cardio workout is an upbeat, hi energy workout that does not use over-the-top jumps/plyometrics to get results. The few minor lifts are used to dig into your fat-burning zone and will not stress the joints.

  • Lean Body Circuits- Hi Low

    This an upbeat and athletic workout that you can do anywhere. Its extremely versatile because don't need any equipment and the moves are straight-forward and effective. (If you do not want hi impact, follow the modifier for a totally low impact workout.)

  • Lean Body Circuits- Boxing & Legs

    A premix from the Lean Body Circuits DVD, this workout is a compilation of all of the leg moves to create one intense lower body workout.

  • Lean Body Circuits- Boxing

    This is a premix from Lean Body Circuits. Its a compilation of all of the boxing combinations to create one action-packed boxing workout. Leaner waistline, sculpted shoulders, firmer arms, calories-torched...yup, it here!