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Subscribe to all of the great content from CoffeyFit! Now you can workout with Kelly one-on-one as she takes you through her personal workouts in her home gym. Also available for the first time is the opportunity to pick from one of her signature premixed workouts, or tune in to her Q&A/interviews and quick workouts with special guests.

  • Strength Training

    18 videos

    Designed with heavier weights in mind, these workouts will increase muscle mass and boost your metabolism.

  • Muscle Definition

    10 videos

    These workouts utilize lighter weights to create a longer/leaner look to the muscle you have built during your Strength Training workouts.

  • Other
    10 videos


    10 videos

    These workouts include your floor work-only sessions.

  • Intervals of Cardio & Weights

    23 videos

    These workouts take you through a mix of cardio and weights to aid you in burning fat and toning you up from head to toe.

  • Cardio
    18 videos


    18 videos

    These workouts give you a break from weightlifting and focus on burning calories for a leaner physique.

  • Q&A
    0 videos


    0 videos

  • RAW Workouts Complete Library

    76 videos

    RAW Workouts: Kelly invites you to join her in the workouts she does at home when she's not leading a class. This is a unique opportunity to get to know Kelly and workout with her in her gym. The workouts feel like you are working out with her one-on-one as she adjusts the workouts as she goes...

  • DVD Premixes Complete Library

    25 videos

    Premixes are bonus workouts derived from Kelly's DVDs. The only place you can get the 30-Minutes to Fitness premixes right now is directly from the hard discs. They have been reformatted for this channel only to make it more convenient to grab a premix and go. No more searching through a pile of...

  • Total Body Weights Premixes

    4 videos

  • Cardio Premixes

    6 videos

  • Intervals Premixes

    4 videos

  • Lower Body Premixes

    2 videos

  • Upper Body Premixes

    7 videos