Strength Training - RAW

Strength Training - RAW

Designed with heavier weights in mind, these workouts will increase muscle mass and boost your metabolism.

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Strength Training - RAW
  • "RAW" Strength description

    Description of the RAW Strength category

  • Kelly's Favorite 8 Moves (June)

    Get your strong on with Kelly's Favorite June moves. Total Body....totally strong...totally effective!

  • String-Along Glutes

    Get ready to work your largest muscle groups to burn maximum calories. This String-Along workout targets the glutes, with the side benefit of leg work as well. Nothing crazy or over-inventive...just classic moves with focus and as heavy a weight load that you can handle. Only DBs and a bench use...

  • RAW - More Than Just Strength - Balance Strength and Core

    Go one-on-one with Kelly in this one-of-a-kind workout that fuses Balance, Strength and Core.

    *Kelly's favorite workout!

  • RAW - More Than Just Strength - Heavy Up and Move

    Lift Heavy and perform cardio rests with Kelly and Kitty for a strengthening workout that is designed to burn more calories than regular lifting with rests between sets.

  • Lift with cardioacceleration #4

    This full body lifting workout uses low impact cardio for active rests (Cardio acceleration) that are doable for many level of fitness. This way of strength training ignites the calories-burning affect.
    Equipment used: Step (used as a bench) and dumbbells.

    This worko...

  • TBTS Strength Abdominals

    15-minute Abdominal workout (optional db)

  • Strength #3: Cardioacceleration #mov

    Join Kelly and Jayne in this 50 minute strength workout that infuses cardio in place of rests (cardioacceleration). This session requires Heavy Dbs and an optional cloth loop band.

    This workout is located in the STRENGTH category.

  • Total Body Drop Sets/ EXPRESS

    Join Kelly and Kitty for this total body drop set workout using heavy Dbs.

    Equipment used: 30, 20 & 15lb dbs and an optional step (Chest can be performed on the floor for quicker set up and breakdown of equipment)

  • Strength Moves

    Join Kelly in this total body strength workout. The only equipment used is a bench, a weighted bar and a kettlebell.

  • TBTS Strength Push

    15-minute PUSH workout with Dumbbells

  • TBTS Strength Pull

    15-minute PULL workout with Dbs

  • TBTS Strength Lower Body

    15-minute Lower Body workout with Dumbbells

  • TBTS Strength Functional Strength

    TBTS Functional STRENGTH

  • RAW Functional Strength (with girls)

    This quick total body workout utilizes a pair of challenging Dbs to push you from head-to-toe! Kelly, Kitty and Debbie are ready....are you?

  • "RAW" 5 Strong

    Get strong in 30 minutes with 5 moves. Kelly uses a 45lb Olympic Bar (and plates), a smaller 33lb bar, and a 30lb KB to get the job done. You will perform 3sets of 10 reps at a slower, more controlled pace.

  • "RAW" Upper Body & Abs

    Join Sammy as Kelly takes her through a 30-minute upper body strength training workout. To maximize time, abdominal work takes the place of rests.

  • "RAW" 5 Strong

    This 30 minutes of strength training uses a bar, a kettlebell and a bench. The entire workout can be performed with DBs, but try to go heavy. )

  • "RAW" Shoulders

    This 20 minute shoulder workout consists of 4 tried and true exercises that are performed for 8-10 reps and a total of 4 sets per exercise.
    Equipment used: 10,12,15 an 20lb DBs.
    This shoulder workout can be found in the Complete RAW library as well as the Strength Category.

  • "RAW" Chest

    Join Kelly in this quick, 20 minute Chest workout. You will do 8-10 reps for a total of 4 sets. Equipment used: Bench, 15 and 20lb DBS.

  • "RAW" Back

    This Back workout gets the job done in 20 minutes and requires minimal equipment. Kelly uses a bench, 20lb Dbs, and one 30 lb db. The exercises selected are performed with lower back safety in mind.

  • "RAW" Arms

    This 20 minute Arms workout focuses on strengthening and toning the Biceps and Triceps.
    Equipment used: 20 and 10lb dbs (a pair of 15lb dbs is secured for an option to increase or decrease the weight load).

  • RAW "Just Lift"

    Raw "Just Lift" is a 40 minute Strength session that utilizes Dbs, a bench, and a weighted bar. This workout has been designed for those with less equipment and can be performed using DBs only.
    Kelly takes you through three sets of 8 reps of each exercise before moving to the next body part.

  • "RAW" Circuit Training 2

    This Circuit Training workout has two time codes; One round is 30 minutes and 2 rounds is 60 minutes. Sammy, Kitty and I start at different stations and remain there for a complete tabata round (20 seconds of work followed by 10 seconds of rest for a total of 8 cycles). Station 1: Seated Rows an...