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  • 30MTF Muscle Definition

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    These full body workouts utilize light dbs, various back-to-back moves, and tempo changes to achieve stronger, leaner muscles.

  • 30MTF Meltdown

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    Workout One includes a series of challenging multi joint exercises with moderate to heavy Dbs followed by barbell lifts (dbs can be used in place of a barbell). The incredible afterburn is worth the effort!
    Workout Two is an upbeat Tabata boxing workout on a heavy bag. I you do not have a heavy...

  • 30MTF LIFT
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    30MTF LIFT

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    Workout One is Olympic Lifting. This tried and true strength workout can be done with or without a barbell. The feel of the barbell is far different than the dbs, but both are effective ways to train.
    Workout Two is a cardio/compound workout utilizing one pair of light dbs. This workout will...

  • 30MTF Lean Body Circuits

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    These two workouts are designed to burn mega calories, increase muscle definition and improve your overall fitness level.
    Each circuit is made up of challenging intervals that include athletic cardio drills, upbeat boxing combinations, lower body shaping, and upper body strength training.