"In the Kitchen with Kelly" brings to you quick and easy recipe ideas you can do at home. Don't expect a high budget cooking show, because this is NOT it. Noelle and I hang out in the kitchen together fumbling and giggling through quick and easy food suggestions. We focus on easy snacks, appetizers, lunch and other easy to make dishes. We are not chefs, rather two friends having fun in the kitchen.
So, I hope you'll join us in my kitchen for some simple food ideas, blunders and yes...some giggles.

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  • In The Kitchen With Kelly

    This is the First "In the Kitchen with Kelly" episode. Noelle joined Kelly in this quick, no-bake session that delivers an enjoyable protein snack that will be enjoyed by every family member. This grab-and-go protein option is sure to be one of your favorites!

  • In the Kitchen with Kelly # 2

    Join Kelly and Noelle as they show you how to make a quick and easy, low calorie Flank Steak dish.

  • In The Kitchen with Kelly 3

    Join Noelle and I for lunch. In this episode we make a quick chicken salad that is a tasty, nutritious treat.
    Ingredients: rotisserie chicken, red grapes, walnuts, tarragon, celery and mayo(or plain greek yogurt).

  • IKK: Snacks

    Join Kelly and Noelle for these easy, no bake snack suggestions. In this episode they make Protein Bars and Banana wraps. Giggles take over and the set clears...but hold tight, they return to say goodbye. Enjoy the snacks and giggles.

  • IKK :Appetizers

    Join Kelly and Noelle in the kitchen for two different, easy to make appetizers. Perfect for entertaining when short on time.