Other - RAW

Other - RAW

These workouts include various challenging floor work sessions as well as other workouts that are geared toward using your own body weight, bands, handled tubing, a weighted vest, a stability all, etc. These workouts are in the low to no impact realm.

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Other - RAW
  • "RAW" Other workouts description

    Description of the RAW Other category

  • Yoga Stretch

    This 15-minute Yoga Stretch is the perfect feel good session. Basic and doable!

  • Fine-Tuning

    Join Kelly in the slower-paced, light Db session that focuses on minor muscle groups to prep your body for heavier lifting on weight training days.
    This is a gentler workout that feels good!

  • Raw - Lean Physique - Butts and Guts

    This 30 minutes of toning is brought to you in a Tabata format to keep it straight forward and effective.
    This workout s located in the OTHER category

  • String-Along Abs

    Challenge your Abs with this 15-minute String-Along. Constant position changes keeps this workout tough, effective and yes...doable! Your core will move in various angles to successfully hit all muscles of your midsection for a stronger leaner middle!

  • Bench Moves

    Join Kelly in this 30-minute workout using a bench and your own body weight. This is a total body toning workout that elicits a cardio affect.
    *perfect for a no-set-up total body fix!

    This workout is found in the OTHER category.

  • Tone it Up

    Join Kelly in this slower paced, total body toning workout. This is the perfect session on those days you want a slower, more focused and flowing toning workout. EVERY body part is worked thoroughly for a leaner physique, leaving you with that wonderful "ALIVE" feeling.

  • Stretch

    This RAW 20-minute stretch is a flowing format to Christian music.

  • "RAW" Slim in 10

    Take the energy down while taking the intensity and focus up. This total body slimming workout is slow and controlled and uses no weights at all.The only thing needed for this session is patience and focus!

  • RAW Push Ups and Deadbugs

    Get ready to strengthen your core, chest, shoulders, triceps and more! This 30-minute workout is presented in a Tabata style format, making time fly quicker than ever! Kelly uses 2.5 pound ankle weights and 5 pound DBs to add intensity to the moves, but no equipment is required.
    If you think you...

  • Squat Finisher

    Join Kelly in this 20-minute Glute Finisher. Its a great add-on to any workout or a quick stand-alone leg and glute session.
    This workout is located in the Other category.

  • RAW "Below the Belt"

    "Below the Belt" is a lower body workout that doesn't use dumbbells or barbells. Instead, Kelly and Kitty use an Optional 8lb vest and 2.5lb ankle weights to add intensity. This 30 minutes consists of 15 minutes on your feet and 15 on the floor. The half and half format is not only time efficie...

  • Time Saver Warm Up (Sculpt)

    This is a 7 minute warm up for any cardio session.

  • RAW "Box: Bands & Abs"

    Join Kitty, Karen and Kelly in this 40 minute total body cardio/toning session. Equipment used: Eggweights, cloth loop band, rubber loop band (and an optional step for abdominals).

    This workout is located in the OTHER category.

  • "RAW" Roll it out

    Release tight muscles and feel rejuvenated with this 15-minute rolling workout.
    This session is located in the OTHER category.

  • Stretch & Tone 2

    All it takes to stretch and tone is this quick little session with Kelly and Sammy. 15 minutes flies by using 2 and 5 lb Dbs for this rejuvenating stretch flow workout.

  • 15-minute Total Body with Sammy

    Join Kelly and Sammy in this 15-minute total body workout.
    Grab a pair of DBs and lets go!

  • "RAW" Athletic Stretch 2

    Stretch with Kelly

  • "RAW" 10-Minute Total Body

    This 10 minute full body blast utilizes one moderate DB to safely and effectively tone you up when you are tight on time or just as a "Get up and Move" go-to to reiterate your mind and body during long days stuck behind a desk.
    This session is also great as an add-on to any workout or as a warm...

  • RAW "Travel Tubing"

    Traveling but don't want to miss a workout? Grab your handled tubing and join Kelly for this total body workout that doesn't require much space and only takes 30 minutes.
    This workout is located in the "Other" category.

  • Megamix 2

    Join Kelly and Kitty in their follow up workout to the original Megamix. Just like the original, the equipment used is a loop band, a kettlebell (or one heavy dumbbell), handled tubing and eggweights (or super light dbs, or nothing).
    Megamix 2 will work you from head to toe, increasing your str...

  • Core Sculpting

    This 40 minute RAW "Core Sculpting" workout utilizes super light DBs (or eggweights), ankle weights and a step (can be done without). Sammy, Noelle and Kitty join me in this no impact workout that includes, box-sculpting for an upbeat calorie burning combos and floor moves for more focused tonin...

  • "RAW"Total Body 100

    This 30 minute workout takes you through some of the industries tried and true exercises that have been proven to improve your overall physical conditioning. Swings, Squats, floor push ups, crunches and bridges will hit every muscle group with the use on a single dumbbell or kettlebell.
    This wor...