RAW Workouts Complete Library

RAW Workouts Complete Library

RAW Workouts: Kelly invites you to join her in the workouts she does at home when she's not leading a class. This is a unique opportunity to get to know Kelly and workout with her in her home gym. The workouts she shares with you are intended to be down-to-earth and realistic as she adjusts the workouts as she goes, corrects her own mistakes and talks to you throughout to include you in the workout. These workouts are time efficient and effective...they are not fancy, over complicated, or over produced. "RAW" is simply you and Kelly getting fit together!

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RAW Workouts Complete Library
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  • Time Saver Cardio

    Join Kelly, Kitty and Debbie in the upbeat and effective cardio session. 15 minutes is all it takes to burn calories and feel invigorated.
    This mini workout is located in the CARDIO category.

  • Time Saver Box & Tone

    Join Kelly, Lori and Kitty in this 15-minute cardio workout designed to burn calories and increase muscle tone. The workout is designed to burn calories and trim your waistline with the boxing drills and tone your legs and glutes with the bodyweight moves.
    Equipment used: optional eggweights (or...

  • Time Saver Intervals

    Join Kelly in this 15-minute Interval workout. Kelly uses a step and 5lb dumbbells to burn calories and tone you up from head to toe unless time!
    This mini workout is located in the INTERVALS category.

  • Time Saver Abs (SCULPT)

    Join Kelly and crew in this 15 minute abdominal workout. To make the challenge bigger, grab 1-5 lb dumbbells.

  • Time Saver Warm Up (Sculpt)

    This is a 7 minute warm up for any cardio session.

  • Time Saver Shadow Box

    Join Kelly, Karen and Dana in this 15-minute upper body toning and sculpting cardio session.
    Equipment used: 5lb Dbs
    This mini workout is located in the CARDIO category.

  • RAW Heavy Bag & Abs

    Join Kelly in this 30-minute Heavy Bag and Abdominal workout. The entire workout is filmed without music so YOU can enjoy your own music. If you do not have a heavy bag, this workout can be done in a shadow boxing format. This workout is located in the Cardio Category.

  • Squat Finisher

    Join Kelly in this 20-minute Glute Finisher. Its a great add-on to any workout or a quick stand-alone leg and glute session.
    This workout is located in the Other category.

  • RAW Push Ups and Deadbugs

    Get ready to strengthen your core, chest, shoulders, triceps and more! This 30-minute workout is presented in a Tabata style format, making time fly quicker than ever! Kelly uses 2.5 pound ankle weights and 5 pound DBs to add intensity to the moves, but no equipment is required.
    If you think you...

  • RAW "Below the Belt"

    "Below the Belt" is a lower body workout that doesn't use dumbbells or barbells. Instead, Kelly and Kitty use an Optional 8lb vest and 2.5lb ankle weights to add intensity. This 30 minutes consists of 15 minutes on your feet and 15 on the floor. The half and half format is not only time efficie...

  • RAW Kickboxing

    Join Kelly, Sammy and Karen in this 30-minute kickboxing workout that is straight forward and all-ages appropriate.

  • RAW Intervals #6(with girls)

    Join Kelly, Kitty and Lori for this 40-minute Interval workout. You'll get a great cardio sculpting workout using a step (higher is more challenging) and a pair of light Dbs (crew uses 5lb DBs).
    If you're looking to get your sweat on today...press play!

  • RAW Functional Strength (with girls)

    This quick total body workout utilizes a pair of challenging Dbs to push you from head-to-toe! Kelly, Kitty and Debbie are ready....are you?

  • RAW 'Box 4 your Waistline"

    Join Kelly and her friends, Lucille and Dana in this waist-trimming workout. This 30-minute cardio session consists of upbeat boxing drills designed to target your waistline as well as additional waistline moves to ensure a true waist-trimming effect.

    equipment used: optional Eggweights

  • RAW "Box: Bands & Abs"

    Join Kitty, Karen and Kelly in this 40 minute total body cardio/toning session. Equipment used: Eggweights, cloth loop band, rubber loop band (and an optional step for abdominals).

    This workout is located in the OTHER category.

  • RAW "Rebound & Box"

    Change up your cardio session with this one-of-a-kind cardio workout. Kelly takes you through drills of Rebounding and Boxing for a low impact calorie burning workout that's is tough on your muscles but easy on your joints.
    *Have a stool or table in reaching distance to your Rebounder if using e...

  • Step Toning

    Join Kelly, Kitty and Karen in this upbeat total body toning workout. The girl use a step and moderate Dbs to target every muscle group.

    This workout is located in the Cardio Category

  • "RAW" Rebounding #2

    Take the pressure off your joints and still get a great workout. Rebound with Kelly for this 30 minutes and enjoy the calorie-burning, muscle-toning and joint-friendly session.

    This workout is in the Cardio category.

  • "RAW" Upper Body & Abs

    Join Sammy as Kelly takes her through a 30-minute upper body strength training workout. To maximize time, abdominal work takes the place of rests.

  • "RAW" Rebound & Lift

    Join Kelly in this one-of-a-kind interval workout using a rebounder and Dbs.
    This 50 minute workout flies by as you burn calories safely on the rebounder and work on strength gains with moderate to heavy DBs.

  • Stretch & Tone 2

    All it takes to stretch and tone is this quick little session with Kelly and Sammy. 15 minutes flies by using 2 and 5 lb Dbs for this rejuvenating stretch flow workout.

  • "RAW" Walking Strong

    Hop on your treadmill and join Kelly for a 40 minute walking workout. Kelly adds intensity with hills and 4lb eggweights. This workout will leave you feeling rejuvinated and ready for the day.
    You can use it as your cardio workout or as an upgraded rest day...its great either way.
    *To compensat...

  • "RAW" Roll it out

    Release tight muscles and feel rejuvenated with this 15-minute rolling workout.
    This session is located in the OTHER category.