RAW Workouts Complete Library

RAW Workouts Complete Library

RAW Workouts: Kelly invites you to join her in the workouts she does at home when she's not leading a class. This is a unique opportunity to get to know Kelly and workout with her in her home gym. The workouts she shares with you are intended to be down-to-earth and realistic as she adjusts the workouts as she goes, corrects her own mistakes and talks to you throughout to include you in the workout. These workouts are time efficient and effective...they are not fancy, over complicated, or over produced. "RAW" is simply you and Kelly getting fit together!

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RAW Workouts Complete Library
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  • Kelly's Favorite 8 Moves (June)

    Get your strong on with Kelly's Favorite June moves. Total Body....totally strong...totally effective!

  • Shaddow Boxing #2

    Grab superlight Dbs and join Kelly in this 20 minute shadow boxing session. Focus is placed on form and technique to add power to your punches...thus increasing the toning affect gained from Boxing!
    This workout is located in the Muscle definition category.

  • String-Along REBOUNDING

    Get ready to stay focused and jump with precision. This 15-minute String-Along REBOUNDING is a great cardio add to any workout or as a stand alone quickie. Rebounding has so many benefits....Lymphatic drainage is a BIG one!. ENJOY the health benefits!

  • Upper Box:Lower Tone

    Join Kelly in this 30 minute workout that consists of boxing drills for your upper body and body-weight-only exercises to tone your legs and glutes.

  • Yoga Stretch

    This 15-minute Yoga Stretch is the perfect feel good session. Basic and doable!

  • TBTS Sculpt Shadow Box

    Join Kelly, Karen and Dana in this strong shadow boxing session. With the use of light dumbbells, this 25-minute workout is a great upper body sculpting workout that burns calories in a no impact manner.

  • String-Along Glutes

    Get ready to work your largest muscle groups to burn maximum calories. This String-Along workout targets the glutes, with the side benefit of leg work as well. Nothing crazy or over-inventive...just classic moves with focus and as heavy a weight load that you can handle. Only DBs and a bench use...

  • String-Along Abs

    Challenge your Abs with this 15-minute String-Along. Constant position changes keeps this workout tough, effective and yes...doable! Your core will move in various angles to successfully hit all muscles of your midsection for a stronger leaner middle!

  • String-Along Cardio

    Join Kelly in the 15-minute cardio String Along. String-Alongs are quick sessions that can be used three ways: Add to your regularly scheduled workout for a more intense workout, as a quick stand alone session, or add 2 or more together to create your own workout.

  • Heavy Bag & Heavy Weights

    Join Kelly in the 30+ minutes of Heavy Bag Drills and Weightlifting. If you do not have a heavy Bag, Shadow Boxing is a great option!

  • Fine-Tuning

    Join Kelly in the slower-paced, light Db session that focuses on minor muscle groups to prep your body for heavier lifting on weight training days.
    This is a gentler workout that feels good!

  • Box a Better Waistline 3/24

    Join Kelly in this 30-minute session that focuses on your waistline. Although many others muscles are worked and calories are burned, the Boxing and waist-toning intervals are designed to tighten and lean out your middle!
    *Equipment used is a 15lb Db and ankle weights. For a more advanced sessi...

  • Kettlebell #3 3/24

    Join Kelly in this low-key kettlebell workout. Nothing crazy or over-the-top, just solid movements designed to strengthen and tone your body from head-to-toe.

  • RAW - More Than Just Strength - Balance Strength and Core

    Go one-on-one with Kelly in this one-of-a-kind workout that fuses Balance, Strength and Core.

    *Kelly's favorite workout!

  • RAW - More Than Just Strength - Heavy Up and Move

    Lift Heavy and perform cardio rests with Kelly and Kitty for a strengthening workout that is designed to burn more calories than regular lifting with rests between sets.

  • RAW - Lean Physique - Kickbox NRG

    Join Kelly and Kitty in this upbeat and fun Kickboxing workout. This High Intensity/Low Impact workout packs a punch in only 30 minutes.

  • Raw - Lean Physique - Butts and Guts

    This 30 minutes of toning is brought to you in a Tabata format to keep it straight forward and effective.
    This workout s located in the OTHER category

  • Lift with cardioacceleration #4

    This full body lifting workout uses low impact cardio for active rests (Cardio acceleration) that are doable for many level of fitness. This way of strength training ignites the calories-burning affect.
    Equipment used: Step (used as a bench) and dumbbells.

    This worko...

  • Strength #3: Cardioacceleration #mov

    Join Kelly and Jayne in this 50 minute strength workout that infuses cardio in place of rests (cardioacceleration). This session requires Heavy Dbs and an optional cloth loop band.

    This workout is located in the STRENGTH category.

  • Ignite Your Metabolism

    Job Kelly and Kitty in this 30 minute cardio session that is sure to ignite your metabolism The moves are basic, allowing you to push yourself to get the most out of exercise. A set and a cloth loop band are used, but the entire workout can be done with NO equipment. The true challenge is in t...

  • Total Body Drop Sets/ EXPRESS

    Join Kelly and Kitty for this total body drop set workout using heavy Dbs.

    Equipment used: 30, 20 & 15lb dbs and an optional step (Chest can be performed on the floor for quicker set up and breakdown of equipment)

  • Tone it Up

    Join Kelly in this slower paced, total body toning workout. This is the perfect session on those days you want a slower, more focused and flowing toning workout. EVERY body part is worked thoroughly for a leaner physique, leaving you with that wonderful "ALIVE" feeling.

  • Bench Moves

    Join Kelly in this 30-minute workout using a bench and your own body weight. This is a total body toning workout that elicits a cardio affect.
    *perfect for a no-set-up total body fix!

    This workout is found in the OTHER category.