DVD Premixes Complete Library

DVD Premixes Complete Library

Premixes are bonus workouts derived from Kelly's DVDs. The only place you can get the 30-Minutes to Fitness premixes right now is directly from the hard discs. They have been reformatted for this channel only to make it more convenient to grab a premix and go. No more searching through a pile of DVDs to find the prefect premix. If you do not have the DVDs, you now have access to these special workouts. This will always be the only site that gives you access to these premixes. *Note: more premixes will be added on an ongoing basis.

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DVD Premixes Complete Library
  • 1_Cardio & Db drill Intervals

    This workout is a mix of the floor kickboxing drills and the bonus Dumbbell exercises from Stepboxing 2. This is a wonderful little workout when short on time or as an add-on to another workout.

  • 1_Workout 1 - One set of all excersises

    This Sculpting Rx premix is a Full Body session that hits all muscle groups in a short period of time. If you don't have time for a long workout or if you want to add a quick full body weight workout to your cardio session...this is it! (*If you are adding this on to your already scheduled sess...

  • 2_Cardio & Floor Finisher

    Need a quick workout? This is 18 minutes of cardio and floor work requires no equipment a very little time. *Also great as an add-on to your Weight or Cardio workout.

  • Cardio Pump-CardShoulder+Arms_V2

    This is a premix from my Cardio Pump DVD. This workout will take your through segments of cardio boxing with interruptions of DB exercises to work your shoulders and arms. This fat-blasting/ workout utilizes three pairs of DBs.

  • Cardio Pump-Chest+Back

    This is a premix from my Cardio Pump DVD. It includes an active warm up, DB exercises for the Back and Chest and ends with a quick stretch. All you need is three pairs of DBs.

  • Cardio Pump-Shoulders+Arms_V2

    This premix is from my Cardio Pump DVD. After a thorough warm up, you'll work your shoulders and arms using three pairs of dumbbells.

  • Cardio Pump-IntervalPump_V2

    This is a premix from my Cardio Pump DVD. You'll maximize the calorie burn through intervals of cardio and DBs exercises that hit the entire body. All you need is three pairs of DBs.

  • Cardio Pump-CardChest+Back

    This is a premix from my Cardio Pump DVD. It will take you through segments of Cardio Boxing with segments of Back and Chest work mixed in as active strength breaks. Three DBS used.

  • Cardio Pump-Cardio/LegPump

    This is a premix from my Cardio Pump DVD. The workout is comprised of a mix of boxing segments of and weighted leg work. All you need is three pairs of DBs.

  • Build & Burn---Upper BodyMix-Two

    2 sets of all exercises for the upper body only.

  • Build & Burn/Upper BodyMix #1

    1 set of all of the upper body exercises.

  • Build & Burn---Cardio---No Big Jumps

    This 20-minute cardio workout is an upbeat, hi energy workout that does not use over-the-top jumps/plyometrics to get results. The few minor lifts are used to dig into your fat-burning zone and will not stress the joints.

  • Build & Burn---Cardio---No-Strength

    Many cardio workouts infuse intense strength moves on the floor to create a more grueling experience. This quick cardio routine keeps you up and on your feet for an uplifting and effective cardio session.

  • Muscle Up-ShouldersArmsAbs

    Shoulders, Arms and Abs.

  • Muscle up-Chest-&-Back

    Chest and Back exercises only.

  • Muscle Up-Legs-&-Glutes

    Legs and Glutes only.

  • Muscle Up-Quick-FIX-#1

    Every muscle is worked by doing 3 sets of the exercises of the first superset exercises.

  • Muscle Up-Quick-FIX #2

    This mix performs 2 sets of the exercises of the second round of super sets.

  • Muscle Up-First-Set-Pump

    Instead of 3 sets of super sets, this mix offers you one set of all exercises.

  • Muscle up-Shorter-Full-Body

    Instead of 3 sets of supersets per body part, this shorter mix offers you 2 sets for a total body workout..

  • Strength & Stamina- Upper Body Time Crunch

    A premix from the Strength & Stamina DVD, this workout extracted all of the upper body moves to create an upper body workout that delivers one tough workout.

  • Strength & Stamina- Lower Body Time Crunch

    A premix from the Strength & Stamina DVD, this workout extracted all of the lower body moves for an intense legs, glutes and hips workout. Db exercises,, body weight moves, and plyometrics make this little workout a definite Go-To!

  • Lean Body Circuits- Hi Low

    This an upbeat and athletic workout that you can do anywhere. Its extremely versatile because don't need any equipment and the moves are straight-forward and effective. (If you do not want hi impact, follow the modifier for a totally low impact workout.)

  • Lean Body Circuits- Boxing & Legs

    A premix from the Lean Body Circuits DVD, this workout is a compilation of all of the leg moves to create one intense lower body workout.