30-Minutes to Fitness Complete DVD Library

30-Minutes to Fitness Complete DVD Library

This category is comprised of the complete "30-Minutes to Fitness" DVD library.
If you only want to do one of the 30 minute workouts; simply do the first 30 minutes to its conclusion for Workout One, or fast forward to approximately the 30 minute mark to start Workout Two on the DVD you have chosen.
*Please note that this version of the DVDs does not include the many premixes offered on the hard discs. If you are interested in Kelly's specific selection of premixes, please refer to the "Premixes" category in your browser/search option.

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30-Minutes to Fitness Complete DVD Library
  • Fin Cut - Power Splits DVD

    Power Splits has 2 workouts, one upper body and the other lower body. Both heavy lifting segments are approximately 15 minutes long followed by a 10 minute finisher to induce an afterburner affect to enhance muscle definition. Power Splits can be found in the Weights category.
    Workout One equipm...

  • Fin Cut - CardioFit

    CardioFIT one of Kelly's 30-Minutes to Fitness DVD that includes 2, 30 minute workouts. Each workout involves drills of cardio and DB moves. Workout One is kickboxing intervalled with heavy DB leg work. Workout Two is a Hi/Low cardio with intervals of light DB sculpting of the upper body.

  • Box Fit_200729

    This DVD includes 30 minutes of Boxing and 30 minutes of lifting. If you only want the 30-minute lifting workout , forward approximately 30 minutes to go to Workout Two.

  • Super Sculpt

    These workouts are sure to boost your metabolism and get you fit in less time! Kelly and the girls take you through Shadow Boxing, Step Jumps, Loop Band moves and basic yet effective Db Exercises. (*As always, to go directly to the second workout forward to approximately the 30 minute mark.)

  • Super Sculpt Step Ups

    This workout is the 30_minutes to Fitness DVD workout with STEP UPS in place of jumps. This workout will have you burning calories, sculpting lean upper body muscles, and toning the les and glutes. Equipment used: Hi Step, Loop band and super light DBs (1-3lbs)

  • 30MTF Strong & Lean

    Strong & Lean gives you 30 minutes of kickboxing and 30 minutes of Weightlifting with a barbell, a pair of Dbs and tubing. (The only equipment needed for the lifting is DBs)

  • 30MTF Cardio Sculpt Overload

    Cardio Sculpt Overload includes intervals of low impact cardio, boxing, body weight exercises and weighted lower body moves. The overload comes from using light dbs for the boxing, a weighted vest throughout, and 3 additional segments to add 8,16, and 24 extra minutes to your 30-minute workout d...

  • 30MTF Circuit Burn

    Each calories-torching circuit workout is made up of short segments of cardio, light-weight sculpting, shadow boxing and lower body exercises.

  • 30MTF Build & Burn Upper Body Strength

    Build & Burn "Upper Body Strength" Is dedicated to building muscle through proven gym-style exercises in a superset format. Three pairs of dbs and a bench are used to effectively work all the muscles of the upper body.

  • 30MTF Start Here

    Workout One is an easy to follow low impact cardio workout and workout two is is a safe and effective body sculpting session. Whether you are new to fitness or have simply fallen off the fitness wagon and want to get back on...Start Here will get the job done!

  • 30MTF Stepboxing 2

    There are two "Stepboxing" workouts that are moderately paced and easy-to-follow through its move-by-move instruction. Both are engaging and effective. *A bonus Db segment is added to hit each muscle group before calling it quits.

  • 30MTF Your Best Body

    Both workouts One and Two are geared toward muscle endurance, body contouring, and overall health and fitness. You will be guided through Kelly's unique gym-style supersets of upper and lower body exercises for quicker results.

  • 30MTF Amped Up Cardio LIVE

    This LIVE kickboxing workout is a fun and upbeat cardio session that burns mega calories as it sculpts and tones your entire body .

  • 30MTF Body Design

    Body Design has 6 different segments that give you a great workout in only 15 minutes. Ideally, you can choose to combine one, two, or more of these 15 minute sessions and design your own personal workout. Although these 15 minute segments are designed to be all-inclusive and not needing a full...

  • 30MTF Meltdown

    Workout One includes a series of challenging multi joint exercises with moderate to heavy Dbs followed by barbell lifts (dbs can be used in place of a barbell). The incredible afterburn is worth the effort!
    Workout Two is an upbeat Tabata boxing workout on a heavy bag. I you do not have a heavy...

  • 30MTF Strength & Stamina

    These one-of-a-kind workouts will increase your strength with dos, slim you down with kettle bell swings and take you to a more advanced fitness level with its non-stop flow of various back-to-back exercises. This format attacks every muscle group as it blasts away calories to reveal a stronger, ...

  • 30MTF Strength & Stamina Step Bonus

    This is the step workout at the end of Strength & Stamina. It was separated for your selection convenience.

  • 30MTF Cardio Blast

    Cardio Blast offers two very different cardio workouts: the first is a step session that is also shown without one. This workout will keep you entertained as you burn calories. The second workout is a plyometric session that effectively burns calories, tones your lower body and speeds up our m...

  • 30MTF Stepboxing

    In Workouts One and two, Kelly brings you her unique "Stepboxing" in an upbeat, effective and time efficient format. These workouts are fun, easy to learn and down-right empowering. Also included is a bonus db workout to give your muscles and extra push in the strength direction!

  • 30MTF Build & Burn Cardio Core

    This 30 minute cardio workout effectively uses core-inspired moves in a drill format to burn calories while trimming your waistline.

  • 30MTF TLC

    TLC has two low impact cardio sessions. Workout One is an upbeat and fun Boxing workout and Workout Two is an athletic style conditioning session. Both total body workouts are geared toward burning calories and improving your overall fitness level.

  • 30MTF Athletic Conditioning Vol 1

    Workout One is a Hi-Impact Cardio session designed to help Athletes get stronger and faster. This workout is also good for Intermediate to Advanced exercisers. Workout Two is a comprehensive Stretch session.

  • 30MTF Muscle Up

    All exercises on Muscle Up are traditional lifts taken right off the gym floor and formatted for you. Workout One targets your Back, Chest, and shoulders. Workout Two focuses on your Legs/Glutes and Arms. The workouts can be done of separate days for the perfect two day split or done on the sam...

  • 30MTF Weights

    Workout One involves strength training of the larger muscles: Back, Chest and Legs. Workout Two focuses on the shoulders, Biceps and Triceps. To add a bit more, additional abdominal and cardio segments are included.