Total Body Weights Premixes

Total Body Weights Premixes

These workouts are selected exercises from a specific DVD that are taken out of sequence and made into another workout.

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Total Body Weights Premixes
  • 1_Workout 1 - One set of all excersises

    This Sculpting Rx premix is a Full Body session that hits all muscle groups in a short period of time. If you don't have time for a long workout or if you want to add a quick full body weight workout to your cardio session...this is it! (*If you are adding this on to your already scheduled sess...

  • Muscle up-Shorter-Full-Body

    Instead of 3 sets of supersets per body part, this shorter mix offers you 2 sets for a total body workout..

  • Muscle Up-Quick-FIX #2

    This mix performs 2 sets of the exercises of the second round of super sets.

  • Muscle Up-Quick-FIX-#1

    Every muscle is worked by doing 3 sets of the exercises of the first superset exercises.