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    Thank you for subscribing to Coffeyfit!

    Your subscriptions includes all of my professional DVDs as well as my "RAW" home workouts. "RAW" is just what the name infers...when you do a RAW workout I am taking you along with me on my personal workout, nothing fancy, just straight forward and effect...

  • Cardio - RAW

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    These workouts focus on burning calories for a leaner, fitter physique. There are various approaches offered to keep your cardio workouts fresh, fun and truly effective...without the dread factor.

  • Intervals of Cardio & Weights - RAW

    49 items

    These workouts take you through a mix of cardio and weights to aid you in burning fat and toning you up from head to toe. These HIIT workouts are designed smart, focusing on being challenging and effective without extreme moves that wreak havoc on your body. Always fun, always quick and always ...

  • Other - RAW

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    These workouts include various challenging floor work sessions as well as other workouts that are geared toward using your own body weight, bands, handled tubing, a weighted vest, a stability all, etc. These workouts are in the low to no impact realm.

  • Muscle Definition - RAW

    27 items

    These workouts utilize lighter weights to create a longer/leaner look to the muscle you have built during your Strength Training workouts. Kelly will take you through many different ways of achieving this goal: low weight/high reps, tubing, bands, body weight moves,

  • Strength Training - RAW

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    Designed with heavier weights in mind, these workouts will increase muscle mass and boost your metabolism.