RAW Workouts For Purchase (Non-subscribers) *Scroll Down for DVDs for Purchase

RAW Workouts For Purchase (Non-subscribers) *Scroll Down for DVDs for Purchase

For those who do not stream, Coffeyfit offers select RAW and all DVD workouts on a download basis.

RAW Workouts For Purchase (Non-subscribers) *Scroll Down for DVDs for Purchase
  • RAW "Below the Belt"

    "Below the Belt" is a lower body workout that doesn't use dumbbells or barbells. Instead, Kelly and Kitty use an Optional 8lb vest and 2.5lb ankle weights to add intensity. This 30 minutes consists of 15 minutes on your feet and 15 on the floor. The half and half format is not only time efficie...

  • RAW Box and Barre

    1 item

    Attention non-subscribers! You can now purchase "RAW" downloads to workout with Kelly and her friends. Find out what Coffeyfit subscribers are raving about with this special selection of "RAW" workouts.
    Coffeyfit subscribers have access to hundreds of RAW workouts as well as all of her DVDs. ...

  • Ripped & Ride (Dec 2019)

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    This one-of-a-kind workout is a cardio & weight interval workout. The cardio can be done on your stationary bike or shadow boxing with eggweights. The weight segments gives you the option of lifting with a barbell or dumbbells. You will feel worked out from head to toe!

  • Your Healthy Back

    1 item

    Strengthen and stretch your lower back while toning your hips and glutes.

  • Rebounding #1

    1 item

    30-Minutes of Rebounding for a healthier, fitter body without stressing your joints.

  • RAW Megamix 1

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    RAW Megamix 1

  • RAW Stepboxing Drills

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    RAW Step-boxing Drills blends two upbeat and effective cardio workouts into one great total body session. Burn calories as you tone your legs and glutes stepping and sculpt a leaner upper body boxing.
    Equipment used: step and eggweights (1-3lb dbs)

  • RAW Intervals #6(with girls)

    Join Kelly, Kitty and Lori for this 40-minute Interval workout. You'll get a great cardio sculpting workout using a step (higher is more challenging) and a pair of light Dbs (crew uses 5lb DBs).
    If you're looking to get your sweat on today...press play!

  • "RAW" Boxing and Tubing

    This 40 minute workout sculpts lean muscle mass and burns calories through intervals of basic boxing with super light Dbs and standard handled tubing exercises. The biggest surprise of this workout is how sore your glutes will be...yes, your glutes...it surprised me too!

  • "RAW" Box & Butt

    Join Kelly in this 50 minute workout that includes controlled boxing combinations with eggweights, as well as ankle weights and one heavy Db for your glute-focused work. *The only equipment truly needed is a chair for balance.
    This workout can be found in the Muscle Definition category.

  • RAW "Travel Tubing"

    Traveling but don't want to miss a workout? Grab your handled tubing and join Kelly for this total body workout that doesn't require much space and only takes 30 minutes.
    This workout is located in the "Other" category.